The NZAK Ultimate Compound 2 Ribbers 2 Cylinders

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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.The NZAK Ultimate compound is the best of both worlds, with its unique collapsible built-in stand, and the advantage of our incredible ramping cam system makes your needles last indefinitely.

Embracing the latest CNC technology in its manufacture and combined with the new design NO FAIL row counter this machine is truly the Ultimate in CSM design.

The machine runs super quietly and is a smooth ride when knitting thanks to the double bearing on the crank handle and the hardened steel running inserts inside the machine, yet the total weight is only about 20 pounds.

The machine comes with 2 Ribbers and 2 Cylinders you choose the size.NB All Ribbers and cylinders are Aluminum

You also receive a No thread Yarn Mast and No thread Yarn Guide, 1 full set of weights, 1 Stem Weight, built-in  Row Counter, buckle, and a set of Heel Hooks. A 5-year warranty against faulty parts caps this deal off nicely.

Do you want to turn your compound machine into a normal size NZAK, no problem all you need to do is add a normal size tappet plate and a normal size cylinder and ribber dial and you are good to go.

You can watch a Video demo of this machine on Vimeo type in NZAK or click the link on this site.

NB We do not supply needles with your machine these need to be purchased from Pat at in the USA.

This machine has been tested and tuned to knit using our fingering weight sock yarn or any of the Opal type 4 ply sock yarns we do not recommend changing any settings until you can at least cast on and knit tubing.

Do the comparison with our great prices twice the value for half the price.

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