Schachenmayr Regia Sock Yarns 4ply Solid Colour

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Anthracite Marl (00522)Anthracite Marl (00522)Apricot Marl (02242)Apricot Marl (02242)Black (02066)Black (02066)Blue Jeans Marl (01846)Blue Jeans Marl (01846)Bluestone Marl (01845)Bluestone Marl (01845)Burgundy (02747)Burgundy (02747)Cloud Marl (01844)Cloud Marl (01844)Cobalt (02271)Cobalt (02271)Dark Brown (02903)Dark Brown (02903)Dark Green (01994)Dark Green (01994)Dark Indigo Marl (01849)Dark Indigo Marl (01849)Electric Blue (06615)Electric Blue (06615)Flanel Marl (00033)Flanel Marl (00033)Frog (06613)Frog (06613)Jeans Marl (02137)Jeans Marl (02137)Light Camel Marl (00017)Light Camel Marl (00017)Light Grey Marl (01991)Light Grey Marl (01991)Lime (06626)Lime (06626)Marine (00324)Marine (00324)Medium Grey Marl (00044)Medium Grey Marl (00044)Mocca (2905)Mocca (2905)Moss (04164)Moss (04164)Moss Marl (02247)Moss Marl (02247)Natural (01992)Natural (01992)Ocean (06629)Ocean (06629)Scarlet (02054)Scarlet (02054)Super White (02080)Super White (02080)Wood Marl (02070)Wood Marl (02070)
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The classic and renowned REGIA sock yarn. Four single plies are twisted together to create the ideal weight and durability for hand-knit socks. One 100 gram skein is enough to knit a standard pair of adult sized socks. Choose from a wide range of solid and slightly heathery colors. Like all REGIA yarns, it won’t felt, and offers long-lasting wear and great shape retention. Machine washable up to 40° C (100° F) and can be machine dried.

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