Schachenmayr Regia Yarns 4ply Multi colour

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- (07390)- (07390)- (09018)- (09018)Air (03729)Air (03729)Beduine (03731)Beduine (03731)Black-White-Green (05390)Black-White-Green (05390)BlackYellow (05391)BlackYellow (05391)Blue Jeans (06669)Blue Jeans (06669)Blue Stripe (04899)Blue Stripe (04899)Blue White (05395)Blue White (05395)Cardamom (04768)Cardamom (04768)Day Dream (04995)Day Dream (04995)Denim Smoke Blue (01936)Denim Smoke Blue (01936)Desert (03732)Desert (03732)Eisblau Shiné (06844)Eisblau Shiné (06844)Exit (02887)Exit (02887)Exotic (03726)Exotic (03726)Festival (09387)Festival (09387)Fire (07387)Fire (07387)Fuji Rock (02886)Fuji Rock (02886)Gerbera (04463)Gerbera (04463)Hammerfest (09019)Hammerfest (09019)High (09017)High (09017)High Heels (04495)High Heels (04495)Hudson Heights (02894)Hudson Heights (02894)Iceland (05389)Iceland (05389)Icicle (07710)Icicle (07710)Khaki (04798)Khaki (04798)Manhattan (02892)Manhattan (02892)Midtown (02890)Midtown (02890)Patina (07955)Patina (07955)Peace (09388)Peace (09388)Peacock (07205)Peacock (07205)Roskilde Color (02882)Roskilde Color (02882)Sage (04767)Sage (04767)Schneestern (07709)Schneestern (07709)schwarz-rot-gold (05397)schwarz-rot-gold (05397)Seaweed (04457)Seaweed (04457)Skate (07711)Skate (07711)Skater (05171)Skater (05171)Skimutze (07708)Skimutze (07708)Slyt (05030)Slyt (05030)Spot Graphite (05097)Spot Graphite (05097)Stable (05998)Stable (05998)Stone (07385)Stone (07385)Tropical (9386)Tropical (9386)Vermont Granite (06029)Vermont Granite (06029)Water (04898)Water (04898)Woodstock Color (09396)Woodstock Color (09396)
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100g 4ply

Get creative with REGIA Colour. Four single plies are twisted together to create the ideal weight and durability for hand-knit socks. Choose from a range of striped, variegated and self-patterned effects, bright or muted colourways. One 100 gram skein is enough to knit a standard pair of adult sized socks. Like all REGIA yarns, it won’'t felt and offers long-lasting wear and great shape retention. Machine washable up to 40° C (100° F) and can be machine dried. With a 10-year REGIA guarantee.


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