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British Sock Machines

Griswold Circa 1880 / 1890

A very early Griswod around 1880 to 1890 this model uses a different needle than the later griswold models and has a lot of features that were dropped from subsiquent models.

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English Quiknit

The Blue English Quiknit is a rare machine made by The Burridge Company very few of these have survived. This is the machine I used as a base design for the current NZ Quiknit where we have used a ramping system for raising needles making them nearly impossible to wear out.

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Griswold Circa 1880 / 1890 Small Cylinder

A lovely three and a quarter Griswold machine comes with 3 ribbers and 3 cylinders, this is the smallest of the Griswold range the other modls being 4.5 and 5.5 inch cylinders. The best of british workmanship went into these machines.

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Harrison 3.5 inch

Harrison 3.5 inch once again the best of British craftsmanship and dare I say even better than the Griswold.

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